"This image triggered my imagination. I love real moments and pictures that show you more of the surroundings, where are we in this story. A wedding story for me is quite similar to a film. Show me where I’m, introduce me to the characters and take me from one room to the next, so I don’t get lost... But surprise me now and then, to keep my attention. Not only show me what it looks like but show me what it feels like. I love it when a picture gives me the opportunity to use my own imagination, make up my own story. This picture does that.
The photographer makes me think “how” and “where”, where are we in the space. The movement makes that this image doesn’t get boring quickly, I can watch this all day. Even if you look closer, the face of the groom can tell a story... Love this image."


Henk van Lambalgen
Jury member 11th round Masters of Italian Wedding Photography


Photo by Giandomenico Cosentino

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