"It was difficult to choose an absolute favourite photograph because the images were so diverse and there were some really good images amongst them. In some images, you could really tell the photographer was pushing themselves with a certain vision in mind and the appropriate skill set to create really great and striking photographs. Others managed to make simple and elegant images, focusing more on the beauty side of wedding photography with great use of light. 

Amongst all the great images, in the end, I chose this image of a simple generic moment as my favourite image because it basically sums up the vibe of a (+/- 2 hour?) wedding reception really well. For me, the best photographs don't always have to be the most difficult ones in terms of the moment or technical aspects, but of course, we must always keep these important components in mind. 

The way the light hits the architecture and the faces of the people makes this image, in my opinion, a graphic and timeless image as if it were a painting. The photographer waited for the bride to smile and together with the well-lit veil, the happy face of the bride becomes the centre of attention amongst the other 50 people in the crowd, be it in a subtle and non-intrusive way."


Steef Utama 
Jury member 10th round Masters of Italian Wedding Photography 


Photo by Massimiliano Magliacca




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