This image kept drawing me back to it - reminding me of an old HP5 print. It's composition is split in to thirds, with the couple dominating the right third of the image and calling for the viewers attention. The bottom left quadrant is filled with the activity of a passing family - an entirely unposed moment of daily activity juxtaposed against the couple on their wedding day.

It's certainly not packed with edgy 'wedding excitement' and it has a sense of the everyday, the normal and mundane. But there is a little story within the image which grips me. The hidden gem is the little child in the bottom left, with a subtle light on his face. He's dressed only in a nappy and is being pulled away by his (I guess) mother, but his gaze is held on the couple. And the groom was momentarily distracted from his kiss as they all passed by. With contemporary weddings often filled with epic 'rock star' moments, captured with harsh lighting, aggressively cropped and edited to their limit (..."guilty!"), this very honest image stood out to me. The photograph could certainly be edited a lot more, but the beauty to me is that it's left almost untouched. The story and honesty of the passing moment is what wins.  A true documentary moment captured with sensitivity and an inquisitive eye. And a brave photograph to submit! Well done!!


 Richard Howman

 Jury member 9th round Masters of Italian Wedding Photography  


Image by: Veronica Onofri



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