"I really like this image because this photo exhibits love and sadness at the same time. It shows the bond of love between the old woman and the bride. If we look at the eyes of the old woman, it is as if she is trying to recognize the bride's face and the eyes of the bride reflect the sadness, as if its the last time that she sees her. 

The black-white contrast enhances the emotions of the people and the structure and texture of the skin. The arms of the three females are in a very beautiful circular form.
The photographer has balanced the light correctly. The structure of the bride's dress has been well balanced. The photographer has darkened the areas that should be darkened so that the eye focuses on the right places.

However, if the brides head had not been so cropped off, perhaps it would have looked better. The upper arm of the lady standing at the left side could have been a bit darkened. Other than that this is a beautiful picture, deserving an award."


Asim Bari
Jury member 12th round Masters of Italian Wedding Photography

Photo by Pasquale Minniti

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