''I was immediately drawn to this image for a number of reasons.''


''Aesthetically because it completely fills the frame and is a wonderfully busy image. I love that it's obviously part of the set up for a large, more formal group photo but capturing the moment before everyone is asked to 'look at the camera'.. it creates a much more personal and energised atmosphere.''

''I find myself seeing something new each time I look and I feel that I am invited in to the Bride and Groom's family much more than if I was viewing the standard family formal.  I'm a huge advocate for the 'moments between the moments' as they capture such beautiful ordinary connections that make us.. that make families..''

''For me, this image is completely timeless and if this was my own wedding.. I would absolutely love seeing all my family and their personalities in a photograph like this..''


Emma Case

Jury member 4th round Masters of Italian Wedding Photography


Image by: Antimo Altavilla


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