I membri della giuria che selezioniamo per ogni concorso si sono già contraddistinti nel campo internazionale dei servizi fotografici matrimoniali. Quindi riescono a distinguere una buona foto di matrimonio da una foto di matrimonio carina. Verrà posta particolare attenzione a: impatto, emozione, atmosfera, particolarità, utilizzo della luce, composizione e post-produzione. 



Tutte le partecipazioni verranno giudicate anonimamente, quindi il nome del fotografo non sarà visibile e i membri della giuria non potranno discutere tra di loro sulle foto.
Nel caso una particolare foto venisse votata da 2 o 3 membri della giuria, questa foto verrà premiata.
Un membro della giuria non potrà vedere quale foto è stata votata da un altro membro della giuria.
Un membro della giuria potrà dare il suo voto al 10% delle partecipazioni
 Non c’è un minimo di numero di voti per membro della giuria



Elena Haralabaki


I'm Elena Haralabaki and I'm a creative documentary wedding photographer. I absolutely love photography as it's giving me the creative fulfillment that I seek in my everyday life! I am a recognized member of Fearless Photographers, WPS, ISPWP, Best of Wedding Photography, WPJA, AGWPJA and MyWed. I'm always passionate for meaningful photos that are full of life and emotions.


- First place in Greece on Fearless Photographers with 7 Fearless Awards - and Curator of Collection 45 Fearless Awards.

- Top Female Wedding Photographers, according to WPS & The Select Bride, with 15 Awards.


- First place in Greece on MyWed with 72 Editors choice

- 5 Awards in the Artistic Guild of the WPJA.

- 2 Awards in WPJA.



Henk van Lambalgen


Everybody changes, always and all the time. We think now that we are where we want to be, but that’s exactly what we thought 10 years ago. Memories are so increasingly valuable... Just think of your most precious picture and how important it to own photos like that in your lives. And remember you take those pictures.

My work as a psychiatric nurse gave me the socials kills that I use to get close... I’m not the photographer that walks around the crowd but I really get in there, become one of the friends and party along. 

My photography is dark and grainy, cinematic, it has emotion and shows a feeling (I hope). The less you see, the more you feel. I don’t want to register, I want to show how it feels…

In 2018 Henk has won, 3 Master Awards, 3 Fearless Awards and 1st & 6th place in “12 The Story Award”.



Emanuel Spiegel


I´m married with a wonderful wife and together we have son. I really like to spend time with my Family and with Wedding Photography. It's the unique moments that revive my passion for wedding photography. I enjoy it again and again to feel the special moments of a wedding. I want to capture all these wonderful moments. With photography, I have made my passion a profession.
This is what makes me, this is what I am.

In 2018 Emanuel has won 8 Masters Awards and is one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographer in Masters of German Wedding Photography