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Awards last year: 0
Lifetime awards: 2

I love writing stories and they always come out better when I use my camera. Lights, contrasts, colours, depth... these are the letters of my alphabet, the alphabet I use to tell stories of love, journeys, business ventures, special occasions and fleeting moments, stories which I observe and capture in black and white and then add other colours to. When I was small, I was fascinated by black and white pictures and portraits, I would lovingly cut them out and collect them. At high school, one of our teachers treated us to a short photography course. A whole new world opened up and I haven’t stopped taking photographs since. When I finished my studies in Turin, my nomadic spirit kicked in and I began travelling, seeking out new horizons, places, people, landscapes, cultures, food, sounds, smells, with my camera at my side, ready to capture them. My first notes, my first stories. I embarked on a career in journalism, becoming a photojournalist. Then I started working with companies and brands, including eyewear of course (I am passionate about glasses, I collect them and have all sorts of designs and colours). One day I was invited to a wedding and, for a bit of fun, I took a couple of photographs. It was, as they say, a life-changing moment. I discovered that love stories gave me the means of combining my love for telling stories with photojournalism. I haven’t looked back. I’ve spent hours and hours taking shots, before, during and after, following the happy couple around, whether they have just got engaged or are the bride and groom. I follow my instinct, I don’t put them in poses. Maybe I don’t really realise what I’m doing. I follow my intuition. I love capturing sudden moments, epiphanies, as the writer James Joyce called them, those instants when people and things reveal themselves. I regularly do yoga. Whenever I can, I take my dog, Kiwi, out for a walk. I adore films, black and white ones obviously. I love tattoos. I love dreaming. More than anything, I love freedom. It guides me in my work and life. My home is on the shore of a lake. My studio is the world.